Cash Guitars was born of passion for the custom acoustic guitar.  Personal, yes.  But, more inspired by the passion of others—those who have been gifted with music,  a sense of rhythm and manual dexterity that allows them to create sounds that can make life rich, happy, harmonious—- magical—- to those of us who lack such talent.   The first ones to so inspire me were my own children and their friends. So, my first attempts at guitar-making were to help provide them with instruments that would enable the pursuit of their craft. Of course, I have enjoyed the music of many other accomplished players.

As a woodworker of numerous years, my first thought was, “ I could make that!”  But, as usual, I very soon discovered that there was a world of discovery to be made , a steep learning curve.  Fortunately, I came across some incredible books on the subject that jetted me into the making of initial instruments that previously took, literally, years to accomplish.  I learned the basics of traditional guitar making that would have, in times past, taken may years to attain as an apprentice or worker in a factory or other setting.  It’s also been my pleasure and to my definite advantage to correspond with accomplished luthiers and to gleen from them some crucial tips and techniques that have enabled me to come to the point that I could compete in this incredible craft.  I think it’s inevitable that we compete with each other, but I also think that builders of fine guitars want; simply, apart from the need to have a livelyhood, to promote the music and magic of the guitar.

I’m currently involved in perfecting the proper workspace and advancing my skills, aquiring stock and epuipment to make building guitars efficient and profitable for myself as a builder and for prospective clients.  My formal training, so far, consists of a two-week tutorial with master guitar maker, William Cumpiano at his studio in Northhampton, Massachusets.  Apart from that, I have been involved in the living, breathing and agonizing at times that William says is essential to becoming a master guitar maker.

My basic approach to guitar making is to adhere to traditional standards and techniques while observing and incorporating innovations of modern builders when possible.  Choosing solid, quartersawn lumber and carefully selected, stiff bracing is the starting point.  Careful shaping of all components to voice the instrument as well as consideration of prospective customers preference for body style, neck shape, scale length, woods and personalized embellishments and application of a high luster, nitrocellulose lacquer round out construction.

I currently want to concentrate on a line of guitars that includes a small, parlor model, ( grand concert ), one of my own design that I feel fits with it ( grand auditorium ) and a “ jumbo “ model that I built from William Cumpiano’s book, “ Guitarmaking, tradition and technology.   I’m open to trying any body style that someone might want.

I have quite a bit of experience in graphic design and would be willing to negotiate the creation of any embellishment in the form of inlay, scrimshaw or carving.

I look forward to collaborating with those who have inspired me to contribute to the wonderful world of the custom acoustic guitar. It takes musicians and builders with passion to keep this thing going—-to make music!

Thank your for visiting Cash Guitars!

Roger Cash

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